About Us

Badhai is a Hindi word which stands for “Carpenter”. Our intention behind keeping this name is to dedicate our brand to the local artisans who are spread all over the rural parts of India and are fighting for their existence. Our aim is to bring these artisans and their work to the realm of Badhai Decor.

Badhai Decor is an exquisite place for all handcrafted products made by the craftsperson jam-packed with creativity. Badhai Decor is a one-stop shop for a wide range of home decor products which includes table decor, wall décor and kitchen ware etc.

Our Team is performing with dedication and fervidness to reenergize this field of handwork that is losing its existence due to automation. The feel of handicrafts makes them stand apart from the horde of artificially manufactured artifacts. The profound details done by the artisans are the true artistic exemplification of Indian handicrafts, depicting their master craftsmanship. These handicrafts are importing traditional arts at par with the modern-day decor craving.

We Want To Keep The Wheel Rolling

We, at Badhai Décor take the pride in promoting Vocal for Local by reviving the lost art of handmade artifacts that is dissipating, making artisans and craftsman’s life challenging. Buying a handicraft from Badhai Decor makes these people gain better livelihood while keeping the art flourishing for future generations. Keep the wheel rolling is the intuitive of Badhai Decor, which covers this meaningful purpose under its purview. We offer a sincere access to a treasure trove of hand crafted artifacts – which are richly curated by partnering with empaneled artisan communities and independent artists. We dedicate this gateway to the constantly evolving and ever inspiring nature of Indian Artisan-ship. Our mission is to encourage less privileged backgrounds to acquire new skills and help them earn their livelihood.

Our love for the environment keeps us motivated to ensure zero wastage and sustainable development. Our motto is to discourage harmful processing techniques and products contaminating the nature. It is the perfect time to rush to Badhai Decor to get yourself delighted with our wide range of handcrafted pieces.

What Makes Us Functional?

It is the Badhai Decor endeavor to protect, promote and grow this art exponentially. We are a comprehensive marketplace for both handicrafts’ buyers and sellers. Through our meticulous efforts mixed with an eye for detail, we ensure the best handicrafts to be served to the customers.

  • Money-Saving
  • Biodegradable
  • Prompt Delivery

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